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Models & Simulators For Vascular Surgery

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Models & Simulators For Vascular Surgery

All simulators are designed by Simuvasc Group and  Dr. Martin Landaluce, a very experienced vascular surgeon in Spain who has been involved in vascular simulation training for over 10 years with the SimuVasc organization in Europe.

All our models are made by hand. Neither is exactly like another, in the same way that no patient is exactly like another. This gives them personality and a high degree of elaboration in their development.

Our products are always in constant evolution. Our spirit of improvement leads us to include whenever possible any improvement, so we are always open to listen to our customers with great attention to make any changes they think necessary in their model.

Any change in a model is entirely viable. We want the client to obtain the highest degree of satisfaction possible, so we encourage you to contact us and explain your needs. Strange seem to solve problems is exciting and we will be happy to serve.

All simulators & Models are manufactured by Oscar Dorian.